BurningBirch Community Guidelines

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on BurningBirch Community. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  • Community Rules
    1. This is an example rule in your Board Rules installation. Everything seems to be working. You may edit or delete this rule and category and continue to set up your own board rules. #
  • Server Rules
    1. Modded Minecraft Rules #
    2. Global Rules - These are applied across all worlds

        Chat Rules - Because this isn't Xbox Live
      • Occasional cursing is fine, however maturity is required. Especially around younger members.
      • Racial slurs and homophobia are prohibited and will result in an immediate ban.
      • Personal threats will be dealt with seriously.
      • No bullying other members.
        • If things get out of hand a moderator will step in and resolve the issue.
      • If your choice of words becomes an issue you will be warned twice, after the 2nd warning you will be muted at the discretion of the staff member.
      • Posting "shock" material or pornographic websites into chat will result in an immediate ban.
      • Whispering a player one of these offences can still result in a ban however if the 2nd party is fine with it the matter will be dropped.
      • Spamming will result in a mute, spam bots will be banned
        Remember, we are all here to have fun. Nothing ruins that fun more than harassment, unwelcoming conversation, or disturbing links.

        Cheating and Hacking - Programs and robots aren't fun to play with
      • Any programs that give you an unfair advantage are not allowed.
      • If you are found to be using a hacked client or some other software you will be banned.
      • If you see another player who is potentially cheating or hacking, PRIVATELY contact member and they will look into the matter.
        • Publicly shouting in chat that someone is cheating or hacking (it still will be investigated) will lead to that person probably disliking you. The most common reason someone looks like they are hacking is because of bugs, desync, and coincidence.
      • X-rays, fly, and various other client side modifications are not allowed.
      • Botting or using scripts to play for you will be investigated.
      • Pixel art builders aren't allowed, while you might not be banned from this, your complete recreation of some meme isn't impressive in any way and will be pretty obvious that you used a bot.

      Creative Worlds - Freebuild and Creative fall into this

        Greifing - Stealing is also griefing
      • Destroying someone else's creations without their permission or stealing something someone
        else gathered, again without their permission, will result in a ban.
      • While stealing in Creative World is relatively pointless. The issue will be investigated and the
        damage done will be accounted for via rollbacks, bans, etc.
      • Harvesting someone's farm and replanting is allowed unless it hidden inside a build or specified
        harvestable/non-harvestable by the player with signs or chat messages.
      • Building offensive structures such as Nazi symbols falls under our racism policy and will result in a ban.
      • Building Male or Female Genitalia can also result in a warning or a ban depending on the situation

      Survival World - What happens in survival stays in survival

        Basic Survival - How not to get angry on a personal level
      • Your creations in this world are completely open to anyone to do anything with (stealing, griefing, destroying, renovating, “wither bombing”, etc.).
      • Stabbing everyone you see is encouraged in this world. Any recipients of said stabbing should either stab back or go to another stab-free world.
      • In the event of a potential world error or wipe (excluding reseeds), we will attempt to restore the original affected area either by a schematic from a backup or a rollback if the whole server is affected. For example: the chunk where your base was located is missing or regenned.
        • If your base was completely greifed before the error, it will still be completely greifed.
      • Complaining that your Survival World base was griefed and that you want a rollback will be responded to with a hearty chuckle and a simple no.
        • Attempting to continue with this request will be viewed as harassment and you will be ignored
      • Keep in mind that anything done in this world should be viewed as "Just business"
        • If Player A griefs player B, player B should not go to another world and seek revenge on player A
      • This world is still under the jurisdiction of global rules, such as no racism. The following rules from the Griefing section apply to this world also:
      • Building offensive structures such as Nazi symbols falls under our racism policy and will result in a ban
      • Building Male or Female Genitalia can also result in a warning or a ban depending on the situation

      • TPA spamming or attempting to "cut in" with a TPA request is considered an offense and will be investigated. It can result in a ban or even removing your /TPA permissions.

      Remember "My Brother/friend/sister/parent/grandparent/family pet/neighbor/library card holder did it" is not a valid reason to not be banned. Your account is YOUR account, if you don't want to be blamed for someone else's actions don't give your Minecraft account to anyone. Ever. #