New Players Look Here!

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New Players Look Here!

Postby Therercher » Sun Jul 24, 2016 1:37 am

Hello there! You seem like a new player on the server, hopefully you've been either instructed by a staff member to visit the forums, or you happened to just not quite get what they were telling you at the time, which believe me is quite a lot of information to be randomly given. Below will be a simplified outline of this server, the worlds and what you are able to do.

First however, you can go between worlds with /mvtp <WorldName>

The Worlds:

Lobby: The world you spawned in when you join the server is meant to be a temporary one, anything you've built in this world upon being promoted can be brought into Freebuild, Wilderness or Creative(These will be outlined further down the line). Lobby shares player inventory with Freebuild and Wilderness. Mobs do not spawn here and items drop on death, explosions and fire are turned off though. We really recommend you leave this world upon being promoted, as this world gets reseeded if it gets full, also the world borders are small.

Freebuild & Freebuild_2: This world is considered the main world (even in the server config!), and shares the same exact rules as Wilderness and Lobby. Mobs spawn here fire and explosions are off, your items will also drop. Its essentially survival but without griefing and with extra perks.

Wilderness: Its Freebuild, but was generated as an amplified world!

Creative: Its a super flat world with creative powers, this one is pretty straight forward. :D

Survival: a survival based world where any rank powers that aren't cosmetic are removed. Pvp is enabled and we encourage grief in THIS WORLD AND THIS WORLD ONLY. its a chaotic world filled with death, murder, mayhem. anything done exclusively here will probably be ignored by staff members, unless directly influencing the other worlds, such as chat issues. Not for the light of heart.

Skyblock: A simple world with skyblock, commands can be view with /is and each command will be reviewed in the next segment. There are goals to accomplish and even some aspects that allow for some pretty end game Minecraft stuff.

Events: a world meant for contests and such, there's no reason to visit it currently.

Worlds such as The End and Nether can be traveled to by their respective portals besides wilderness and creative and share inventories with the worlds they belong to (like Freebuild_Nether shares with Freebuild). Your also able to travel to these worlds using /mvtp, however this is disabled in Survival to give a true experience to players

Command Help:

/tpa <playername> - tpa is used to teleport to players and does so by sending a request that they can Accept or deny, those commands are as follows: /tpaccept and /tpdeny

/back - back is used to return to a location after dying or teleporting

/home name - home allows you to mark a location to allow teleporting back to at anytime! /sethome <homename> sets a home and /delhome <homename> deletes a home. If you have multiple homes /home <homename> will send you to the named home. you may have up to 3 homes, one for each world! (Survival, Freebuild, Creative. you may mix and match worlds, i.e. 2 in Creative 1 in Survival).

/Mvlist - as mentioned above shows you a full list of every world available to you.

/mvspawn - Teleports you to the specific world's spawn.

/warp <warpName> - Like homes, except are available to the whole server and normally used to allow fast travel to set points on the server, using the command by it's self will allow you to view available warps.

/pay - allows you to pay other players money acquired from the shop in Freebuild.

/vote - This allows you to vote for the server and help make the server not die a slow and painful death. also you get a diamond by voting on all of the links, along with a random chance for a 2nd or even third diamond! You can vote once per day!


Skyblock info coming soon, use /is for more info, the command tells you what each command does.

If I left out anything you find needs to be included please leave a comment in this forum topic below, the topic has been left unlocked but anything that does not fit in the topic will be removed.

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