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Voting Links - Vanilla/Multiverse Server

Postby Therercher » Fri Oct 16, 2015 5:51 pm

While I will never force upon voting to a player or even require voting to unlock certain aspects of the server, it is still important to have places where the server is voted and advertised on to continue to grow. I also do not enjoy having a message posted every couple of minutes to "spam" the server with voting links and donation links, however below are links where you can vote on. Feel free to (or not to) vote on any or all links.

More will be listed in the future as the server continues to be listed

As a side fun note, we're ranked higher then Mineplex and hypixel for Fun Minecraft Servers

Voting now gives a cookie, A diamond(after voting on any of the links 6 times, which means once per day you can get a minimum of one diamond), and a thank you message.

"/VR ?" will tell you the commands associated with the plugin, also as we are using Vote Roulette, your able to vote offline and claim the rewards next time you login!

Don't forget to put your username in the username bar.

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