Resonant Rise 3 server is up!

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Resonant Rise 3 server is up!

Postby Therercher » Wed Aug 10, 2016 9:20 pm

After a while of waiting for the mod pack to be stable enough to run on the server and I'm proud to say that it is up and running. the server is whitelisted so no randoms join and start breaking the server, so if you want in post your username below with a little bit of what you want to do in this pack.

Now, to join your gonna need to download the ATLauncher and run the launcher in it's own folder (or else it'll explode all over your desktop or downloads folder), then once it installs just run the launcher again, go into packs and scroll down to Resonant Rise. Then you click on New Instance, make sure the version is then click install. Now here is the important next part, below is a list of the things you need to checkmark to join the server.

The IP is:
  • Mainline
All Optionals - These are required but thats the name of the catagory.
  • Ancient Warfare 2
  • Armourer's Workshop
  • Biomes O' Plenty
    • Bibliowoods Biomes O'Plenty Edition
  • Cosmetic Armor
  • Decocraft
  • Garden Stuff
  • Hardcore Ender Expansion
    • HEE Music
  • OpenComputers
  • Open Peripherals AIO
  • Project Blue
  • RFTools
  • Ztones
    • Chisel Tones
I recommend you look at the Client mods after and enable Mouse Tweaks, TC Node Tracker and Voxel Map, as Journey map doesn't seem to be working.

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