Craftbook - Cauldron Recipes

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Craftbook - Cauldron Recipes

Postby Therercher » Tue Mar 15, 2016 10:00 am

We use a plugin called craftbook, this has a feature that allows the use of a cauldron to make some basic items. This allows the creation of custom recipes. I have made some basic recipes for use in skyblock (These can be used anywhere else too!) and will dump them below along with the wiki page and a tutorial here

In order to use the cauldron you need a fire block under a filled cauldron and a wooden shovel. You can use netherrack or use just any block (Skyblock's difficulty is based around having a burning block underneath it until you can make netherrack). once you toss in the required blocks or items into the cauldron you right click it with the wooden shovel and the item is created.

  • Sand Yields 16
    • One Gunpowder plus Sixteen Cobble
  • Redstone Yields 8
    • Two Gunpowder plus Four Sugar
  • Glowstone Yields 8
    • Eight Sand plus One Gold Nugget
  • Netherrack Yields 32
    • One Blaze Powder plus Thirty-Two Cobblestone
  • Blaze Powder Yields 1
    • One Redstone Plus one Glowstone Dust
  • Clay Yields 4
    • Four Sand plus Four Dirt

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